Beauty and the Beast season 3 episode 6 Cat is tortured by threats before wedding with Vincent


Is Cat getting a case of bridezilla or the normal bridal jitters before her big day with her hunk-a-beast? Vincent asking her “What’s holding you back?” in the trailer or preview of episode 6 is definitely not a good sign for the Beauty and the Beast love team. The latest preview of the latest episode shows Cat bailing out on her own relatives for the wedding preparations and citing work as her excuse.

Without a doubt, Cat is absolutely crazy about Vincent but some things are holding her back as is apparent in the upcoming episode of Beauty and the Beast season 6. The gorgeous Smallville alumni is going to battle what every aspiring bride has been subjected to: the reality of spending the rest of her life with her love and all the logistics that naturally have to come with it such as parties, details, dealing with issues from the past, and juggling her new role with her existing job.

Not that threats are new to the couple. Cat’s bridal shower is arranged by Heather and Vincent has his own bachelorette party to mind which had an unexpected and unwelcome guest, a sniper who is quite determined to take him down. Cat also has to visit her father in prison and this distracts her in the middle of her supposedly festive wedding preparations. Her father appears to be able to help her with solving something and this is related to her distracted mode in the episode.

Jay Ryan himself previously teased about this challenging turn of events in the show. But all signs still point to wedding bells since the season was geared for their union no matter what the challenges it may bring to Cat and Vincent. The mystery of how they are going to surmount the challenges remains to be unraveled in episode 6 and beyond.