'Baywatch' movie news: Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, Zac Efron top-bill 'Baywatch' movie version


Now that the cameras have started rolling for the 2017 film adaptation of the “Baywatch” series, avid viewers of the show can only wonder if the “Baywatch” reboot via the big screen can deliver the same impact to its eventual viewers. While the already-established names, such as Zac Efron and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson top-bill the film adaptation of the hit series, can this guarantee that the film will be received by the moviegoers with open arms, just as the TV viewers did with the ’90s series?

There is no denying that “Baywatch” was one of the highly successful ’90s shows that had the viewers glued to their TV screens on a weekly basis. Although it can be said that the production of the series was not a smooth-sailing one, especially during its early stages, it paved the way to stardom for the lesser-known actors then, such as Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra. 

In the upcoming film adaptation, the role originally played by Hasselhoff – Mitch Buchannon – will be breathed to life anew by Johnson. As the film is slated for a summer 2017 release, sadly, there are no official photos released for the teasing of public interest. Thankfully, though, Johnson makes up for this by constantly posting behind-the-scenes photographs of him with his co-stars on his official Instagram account.

Meanwhile, Efron’s fans can’t help but swoon when photos of him in his shirtless glory surface on the Internet. In the photos of the star accompanying a Daily Mail article, he is seen with a make-up artist who is working on making his skin appear sun-kissed. Those captured moments on stills don’t only prove that the “Baywatch” movie is in progress but also invite the fans of the actor to feast on his well-chiseled and jaw-dropping physique.

“I play Matt Brody… he’s sort of like the brash, young recruit. He doesn’t necessarily see eye to eye with Mitch on many things,” Efron reveals in his interview with Entertainment Tonight.

While Johnson and Efron have already proven their box-office worth through their respective various movie hits, the same thing cannot be said about Kelly Rohrbach, the actress who rehashes the role originally played by Pamela Anderson and eventually made her a household name, CJ Parker. However, with the unofficial film photos of the actress donning Anderson’s iconic red singlet surfacing on the Internet, many have been left in awe.

With a great cast ensemble, it seems safe to say that “Baywatch” 2017 movie is well on its way of replicating the success of the hit series.