'Battlefield 5' release date updates: Game announcement at E3, launch in October?


Fans know that EA and DICE are working on a new installment of “Battlefield,” which is expected to be released this year. Although the developers have remained mum on information about it, several details have surfaced pertaining to the upcoming title.

Earlier rumors about the game revealed that “Battlefield 5” may likely go back to the military-based theme as a follow-up of “Battlefield 4,” contrary to the new theme in “Battlefield Hardline,” which focuses on robbers and cops. It is also believed to taking on the setting of World War I and may have the title “Battlefield 5: Armageddon.”

As for its release date, there are rumors that the upcoming “Battlefield” title will be announced in the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) event at the Los Angeles Convention Center in California from June 14 to 16. After which, “Battlefield 5” is expected to be available in stores starting Oct. 26.

Meanwhile, a Reddit user named KoXin had posted a photo of what looks like the outline of the plans for the DLC of the game. The first one explores the mission of battling the Russian invasion in East Europe and is indicated to come on Dec 6.

Although the timing in between the announcement date and release date as well as the launch date and first DLC both look reasonable, fans will still have to take the information with a grain of salt as EA and DICE have not confirmed on the matter. This is most especially true for the leaked DLC draft, since even gaming articles and a lot of fans are doubting its authenticity.

The title will most likely release only for the new generation consoles, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, similar to other titles which have been launched last year. It may also release a PC version.

More information will likely to be announced soon.