'Battlefield 5' release date news: Videogame rumored to be set in WWI; slated for October launch


“Battlefield 5” continues to be the subject of numerous rumors and speculations regarding details on the follow up game which only intensifies the anticipation of the game’s release.

The fifth iteration of the first person shooter game is touted to bring gamers back in time to the 1900s during World War I, News Everyday reports. The new setting puts a twist on the game and will present the game’s players a new backdrop to explore. It also gives them that opportunity to play with and use WWI weapons, armor and aircrafts which adds a new dimention to the over all story of “Battlefield”.

This speculation is backed up by another report published by media outlet Alphr. The publication reveals that the World War I game setting was mined from a German retailer’s, Word of Games, listing which has attached the game title to the First World War. Earlier this year, gaming researcher and industry writer Liam Robertson with the Twitter handle of @Doctor_Cupcakes posted an update regarding the aforementioned game with a record of “Battlefield 5” having a tagged subtext that reads “Mehrspieler taktik Shooter im 1. Weltkrieg” which means “Multiplayers tactical shooter in WW1.”

Videogame analyst Michael Patcher sat down with Gaming Bolt at the start of the month and shared some thoughts on the potential that is “Battlefield 5” and what it can bring to the table which its main competitors cannot.

“Of course it will be [a threat],” Pachter admitted.”I just think that there’s less overall competition. “Battlefield 5″ itself will be great- it’s just that last year there were five games that took 60 million units of sales- “Halo,” “Fallout,” “Battlefront,” “Assassin’s Creed,” and “Call of Duty.” This year, on the other hand, there are only four games, and one of them, “Mafia 3,” isn’t as big as the smallest of those others. So if “Mafia offsets “Assassin’s Creed,” and “Battlefield” does “Battlefront”… then “Watch Dogs is competing for “Fallout’s” share, and what happens to “Halo’s” share? It needs to go somewhere, so it should be good for everybody.”

The last full game drop for the “Battlefield” gaming series was back on 2013 with “Battlefield 4” Although the game was criticized for shallow single player campaign mode and glitches, it has still become a commercial success racking over 700 million copies sold.

“Battlefield 5” is slated to be released on Oct. 26 for major game consoles in Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.