'Battlefield 5' news: Recent leak about EA's supposed game release is hoax, source confirms


With a long history of successful games under its franchise, expectations for EA Games in terms of the release of “Battlefield 5” are very high. Given this, fans of the series became extremely excited when news broke out that the company will be using their upcoming three-day off site event in June to launch the next iteration of “Battlefield.”

Unfortunately, latest reports debunk the notion as it turns out that it the information was a hoax as confirmed by EA. For starters, former EA executive Nick Earl’s involvement in the purported “Mercenaries 3” launch makes the information doubtful as Earl already left the company last year.

In the supposed game lineup releases, “Battlefield 5” was seen with a subtext “Eastern Front,” suggesting that “Battlefield 5” might be set in Russia which in turn complemented previous rumors that the game would take on the events of World War I.

A separate tip, on the other hand, circulated online divulging EA’s post release plans for the aforementioned game with a DLC also dubbed as “Eastern Front.” Alongside it was the purported release date of Dec. 6, which hinted that the full game should have been released way before December. However, the mix up in names and information not matching up made the DLC highly unlikely as well.

As of now, not much is known about the fifth iteration of the popular gaming franchise except that it will drop sometime this year. Screen Rant posed the question on what “Battlefield 5” will be all about since its predecessor is almost the same as the game it followed. What seems to be the most popular feature that fans want to see in the game is a fun-focused Dinosaur mode which emerged as the most interesting add-on “Battlefield” can incorporate in their game based on a leaked EA survey three years ago. Whether or not gamers will be able to finally get the said mode is still yet to be seen, but EA should be able to innovate to keep fans interested.