Battlefield 4 spring patch update brings back gun master mode and offers 5 new guns


Battlefield 4 fixed some bugs and enhanced the game through its spring patch, now available for its players. Spring update brings about new content which can be played at game 10’s base map, as well as fixes on some vehicles and new weapons which resolves collision issues involved in certain maps.

The fixes address stability of audio, multiplatform crashes, and common crashes for AMD cards when exiting as well as for PS4. It made numerous general improvements such as adding advanced gameplay options for Parachute Auto deploy, Auto Peek Over and Auto Side Lean, fixing the discrepancies to stats brought about by claymore kills, and removing friendly fire lock for Classic mode. Dice also tweaked on some art, audio, as well as the user interface. The full detail of enhancements can be viewed at gamespot through this link.

Additionally, players can expect more weapons and the Gun Master mode which can add to the excitement of the gaming experience. In the game’s gun category, there will be a new assault rifle in AN94, new carbine in Groza-1, new sidearm in Mare’s leg, a new PDW in Groza-4, and a new LMG in L86A1. On the other hand, Gun Master Mode, which was seen in Battlefield 3: Close Quarters, will bring about a mode of deathmatch where the first player to kill with the final gun wins. In this mode, the player can only change weapons every two kills.

The patch is rolled out in batches and will take one hour per platform for installation. Multiplayer will be offline during the installation, starting with PCs on 08:00 UTC, followed by Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, and finally PS3 in one hour intervals.

Although it took Dice a bit longer to release the patch, players welcome the enhancements and improvements made because it continues to surprise the gamers. “We are definitely not done with providing more awesome content,” said Dice. With the recent release of its successor, Battlefield: Hardline, players are in a tight spot whether to continue with Battlefield 4 or Battlefield Hardline.