'Battlefield 1' release date : Beta version to launch before the actual game's release


There’s huge anticipation for the release of Electronic Arts’ upcoming first-person shooter video game, “Battlefield 1.” But right before that happens in a couple of months, a beta version is reportedly going to be sent as an advance party for would-be buyers to get a glimpse of the game and for developers to figure out if there’s something worthy to improve on.

Per report from The Bitbag, the “Battlefield 1” beta will be made available on Aug. 31, which is a couple of days from now and that it only will be playable on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Those who have access to Origin can also play the beta on the PC. It was also earlier unveiled via the official game website that the beta will provide one playable map, which is the Sinai Desert. Likewise, a Conquest Mode and a Rush Mode are set to be available, where new weapons and vehicles will be introduced.

Meanwhile, Gamespot reported that “Battlefield 1” beta will require at least 6.2 GB of storage on the Xbox One, but there are no details as to how much space the game will require for both the PC and PS4.

Game developer EA DICE has mentioned that those who want to try the beta version must have an existing subscription to either PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold, while those who want an advanced access to it can opt to go to Battlefield Insider where they can obtain exclusive content as well as rewards.

As far as pricing goes, Tech Times reports that the “Battlefield 1” Premium Pass will cost the gamer $110 all in all, since the game is priced at $59.99, while the Premium Pass privilege is at $49.99. The report was also quick to remind would-be buyers of the game that the Premium Pass is actually just a season pass that gives players that opportunity to grab huge discounts on downloadable content for one year.

The full game, “Battlefield 1” is scheduled for an official release on Oct. 21.