'Battlefield 1' news: Mixed reviews for the WWI FPS game


A week after “Battlefield 1” made its much-awaited debut, the game which aims to transport players to the middle of World War I has reviewers having mixed feelings about the title.

The first-person shooter video game coming from EA Dice officially opened a new chapter in the franchise as it is the first game since “Battlefield 4.” Since its initial announcement in May, it garnered a lot of anticipation given its bold move to be set in the First World War. It was an unusual choice given that modern media usually tends to feature the Second World War instead.

Looks wise, the game boasts the authentic feel that they are trying to imbibe. Mirror UK notes that the game developer also fine-tuned maps making one feel exactly what it was like to run around during WWI. Its single-player mode, despite only running a little over four hours, is also the perfect set-up for a more complex multiplayer mode.

As previously noted, “Battlefield 1” is anything but perfect. Therefore, it also has some glaring loopholes that pave the way for a distracted gaming experience. The Washington Post compares it to its predecessor and was undoubtedly disappointed with the game, especially as the introduction featured a simple opening cutscene.

YouTuber Othais from C&Rsenal, who happens to be a huge fan of “Battlefield 1942,” was also not impressed with the game. He, in partnership with Rolling Stone, did an extensive analysis on the level of authenticity of the weaponry in “Battlefield.” According to his review, he felt letdown as he described the titled as a “re-skin of ‘Battlefield 4’ that has cherry picked World War I equipment to fit the desired gameplay.”

“Whenever World War I doesn’t have something necessary, they just go for experimental, commercial or something semi-related. World War I also did not have a lot of personally-customized weapons you would get in big trouble for defacing your rifle,” he added.

“Battlefield 1” is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.