'Battleborn' releases May 3; easter eggs for upcoming 'Borderlands' game hidden in title's DLC


The upcoming first person online video shooting game “Battleborn” has just finished its open beta testing recently, rounding up around 2 million players to try it out. Now, with just a few days left, the game is already focused on its release, slated on Tuesday.

Battleborn” will be focusing on the story of a group of heroes who have joined together in order to prevent the very last star of the universe from being capture by an evil and mysterious villain who poses some threats. The game has a three-part comic version that somehow lays down the storyline of the upcoming title.

The first part of the game, called “Running the Numbers,” will focus on how the people became confused and wavered in their loyalty after seeing hundreds of stars and several years of threats.

After which, the second chapter, called “The Rescue,” will see the United Peacekeeping Republics (UPR) stand their ground to defend their own people and even the clones and avian, despite the mounting pressure brought about by the Varelsi Invasion.

Lastly, in chapter 3, referred to as “No More Heroics,” the star system is about to end and the UPR leader will have to choose between following commands or saving potential allies whose loyalty is still uncertain.

The upcoming game will introduce 25 characters from different groups and factions but with a similar mission in mind.

Ahead of the launch, Gearbox Software offered a digital deluxe version along with a season pass for $75, which will already include the five DLCs planned for the title, some exclusive skins, new taunts, and a PvE story operation. On the other hand, the planned add-ins may also be purchased individually at $20.

The game will be out on May 3 for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 consoles.

Meanwhile, the developers revealed in their presentation at the PAX East last week that the DLCs of “Battleborn” will hide some hints regarding the upcoming “Borderlands” game.