'Batman v. Superman' news: New rumored spoilers from supposed movie pre-screening


With a plethora of superhero movies coming out this year, movie production houses are busy doing promotional tours to keep people interested. In the case of “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” Ben Affleck’s Batman and Gal Gadot’s Superwoman will join Henry Cavill’s Superman against Jesse Eisenberg, who will bring main antagonist Lex Luthor to life.

The movie aims to introduce DC’s Trinity which will ultimately be the pillars of what would be multiple releases based on their comic books including a purported “Justice League” movie in 2017.

Earlier this week, some spoilers were apparently mined on Reddit as a user claimed to have attended the “Batman v. Superman’s” preview screening. With username ViolatingNDA, the supposed user gave very interesting information regarding the movie. While some fans are happy to discuss the spoilers, it is still advised to remember that these are not from Warner Bros.

First up, actress Jenna Malone’s character will supposedly be Carrie Kelley. Kelley is an older and female version of Robin who is Batman’s partner in earlier versions of the comics.

Second tidbit, Hal Jordan will be making two appearances in the movie first as a pilot and again as a member of the Green Lantern Corps. The new Jordan will be played by actor Dan Amboyer who will be replacing Ryan Reynolds in the role.

If the previous two named characters still do not hype fans up in what would be an all star cast for DC’s most notable superheroes, The Flash is also said to be making a grand entrance as the movie will offer the very first look on the character which will be played by actor Ezra Miller.