'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' news: Henry Cavil talks Red Son, Superman's weakness


“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” star Henry Cavillwho plays the role of the Man of Steel, Supermanwould be very interested in having a side-story to his character for the big screen, one that is popular form the original comic books, aside from the main storyline that will be a part of the larger DC Extended Universe.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Cavill talked about various aspects of his character, the God-like alien that is Kal-El or more commonly known in Earth as Supermanwhat his real weakness is, and his morals on becoming a hero. The actor was then asked if there would be any comic book stories of Superman that he had read and he would love to get adapted to the big screen, if given the chance.

In the interview, Cavill revealed that while he had read a lot of Superman comic books in preparation to making him understand the deeper psychology of his character, he had particularly focused on the offbeat story of Red Son, and Elseworlds story by Mark Millar.

“I think the offbeat stories are great, and I read ‘Red Son’ in particular before I did Man of Steel, to get an idea of the baseline of the character because despite the fact that it’s offbeat and he’s grown up in a completely different environment, the character is still, at it’s very core, the same thing, and I love that,” Cavill said. “I think what’s important now is to tell a story which is dedicated to sharing the same character in the comic books in the cinematic universe, and then after that’s been established, then we can start exploring some more of the offbeat stuff.”

Talking about the weakness of the hero, Cavill pointed out that while most people would immediately think of Kryptonite, Superman’s real weakness is the great desire inside him to save everyone, but the inability to do so, despite his powers.

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” open in theaters on March 25.