'Batman Arkham VR' release news: Demo offers immersive look into Gotham city


The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is now over, but the gaming community still has a hangover from the reveals that were released, as it surely made a lot of players excited. One of the most jaw-dropping moments during E3 2016 was the reveal of “Batman Arkham VR.”

The virtual reality (VR) game stood out during the said event because the prospect of being the Dark Knight himself made fans feel exhilarated. The “Batman Arkham VR” demo showed what the upcoming title is capable of.

According to reports, the game starts off at the Wayne Manor. The experience is so immersive that whenever players stare at their hands, it really seems that they are looking at Bruce Wayne’s hands. It was really impressive how the developers mirrored the movements of the player to the game. The demo also showed Bruce Wayne’s loyal butler Albert conversing with him and handing him a key to gain access to a secret passage that leads to the Batcave.

Once the player has arrived in the cave, Bruce will start wearing his Batsuit. Those who experienced the demo reported that the experience was a really detailed, from the wearing of the gloves to the equipping of the utility belt.

Furthermore, after the scene where the Dark Knight suits up, the player is now brought to the mirror in order to see the final appearance. That part of the demo really showed that the gamers are really taking the mantle of the Dark Knight. Every movement that the player makes also appeared on the reflection of the mirror.

Finally, the demo also delved into how investigation would work with the VR technology. It was shown that Batman was utilizing different in tools in assessing the dead body of Dick Grayson. It was actually a dark moment for the game since it was one of Bruce Wayne’s lowest points.

Overall, the demo really impressed players with its ability to provide an immerse experience.

“Batman Arkham VR” will launch exclusively for the PlayStation VR this October.