Batman Arkham Knight preorder bonuses: Harley Quinn pack available; two skins have 'Batman Beyond' theme and 'Dark Knight return themes


There is good news for all those who have perordered copies of the most anticipated game, ‘Batman Arkham Knight,’ as Rocksteady Studios have released another bonus for the early buyers.

According to IGN, the preorders will be coming with two skins. The first one being a ‘Batman Beyond’ themed and the other one with the theme ‘Dark Knight Returns.’ The bonus is dubbed as the Gotham’s Future Skin Pack.

Coming to the most interesting part of the bonuses, those who have preordered the game will get a story pack of Harley Quinn, which allows you to a play a story mission of the character. All the preorders come with a Harley Quinn downloadable content mission that will allow players to take on Harley as a playable character.

DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have just released the official Harley Quinn trailer for ‘Batman: Arkham Knight,’ in which she is seen playing the villain in the main story of Arkham Knight.

In the trailer, we can see that Harley is infiltrating the police department in Bldhaven to dig out her friend Poison Ivy. The trailer, which was made available by Game Stop, also shows the character of Red Hood, the resurrected Jason Todd, who comes back to take revenge.

To keep up the excitement among the fans, along with preorder bonuses, Rocksteady has released a series of trailers and teasers. In the latest teaser that was released by the Twitter handle of Batman Arkham, there were seven Easter eggs hidden in the trailer.

Also, the developers released a video, the ‘devil diary,’ which talks about the designs of all the villains of ‘Batman Arkham Knight.’

‘Batman Arkham Knight’ is expected to be launched on PC, Xbox One and PS4 on June 23, according to Comic Book.