'Batman: Arkham Knight' pre order news: 9 pre-order bonuses; default Scarecrow Nightmare Missions for PS4 players


Less than a month before the game comes on June 23, Batman: Arkham Knight now has a total of nine different pre-order bonus versions, depending on which retailer a player will pre-order at.

According to a compilation done by Tech Times, gathering all the available pre-order deals and their corresponding bonuses, PlayStation 4 players will get the Scarecrow Nightmare Missions by default upon pre-order. The bonus also comes with a Batman 3000 skin, Classic TV series skin, and a Classic TV series Batmobile skin.

Any pre-order from any of the many retailers scores a player the Harley Quinn Story Pack, where Harley Quinn is available as a playable character, together with four Harley challenge maps.

Players will receive an additional bonus, too, depending on the retailer. GameStop offers players The Red Hood Story Pack, where Jason Todd is available as a playable character in a new story mode. This pack is the only bonus available that features a new story mode for the game.

Meanwhile, Best Buy offers the WayneTech Booster Pack, offers combat advantage by giving a weapon upgrade to the Batmobile, as well as new and better moves for Batman.

Walmart’s deal gives players an exclusive Batmobile skin. Steam also offers exclusive skinsBatman Beyond and Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, called Gotham’s Future Skin Pack.

Bundle pre-order editions are also available, in three different variations. The Serious Edition offers a Limited Edition 25<sup>th Anniversary Batman: Arkham Asylum graphic novel on hardcover, with a Batman First Appearance skin. The Limited Edition, on the other hand, delivers the game in a Steel Book case with an exclusive game artbook, a limited edition Batman: Arkham Knight #0 comic book, a limited edition Batman statue, and an exclusive character skin pack. Finally, the Batmobile Edition offers the same bonuses as the Limited Edition, only giving a Batmobile replica statue instead of a Batman statue.

While these retailer-exclusive editions of bonuses have been a trend in the past years, Gamespresso said that this gives players a hard time, and alienating them from others, by giving too much content making them almost impossible to get.

Batman: Arkham Knight was developed by Rocksteady Studios under Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The game will be released on June 23 for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. A version for Mac and Linux will come later this year.