'Batman: Arkham Knight' PC mods: now gamers can play as Alfred thanks to new mod


Why is it always The Dark Knight going out there to save Gotham City? Can’t it be someone else?

Try to imagine Bruce Wayne taking a day off from being the Caped Crusader of Gotham City. Naturally, another guy should take his place while he is away.

A new mod for the PC version of the game Batman: Arkham Knight was recently released. This time, the butler takes center stage. Yes, Mr. Alfred Pennyworth is playable in yet another mod for the PC version of the new Batman game.

Complete with the keys to the Batmobile, Alfred takes to the streets wearing his official butler uniform. And while Alfred has demonstrated toughness and skill, never was he known to have skills close to those of Bruce Wayne/Batman. But in this PC version mod, Alfred can be seen taking down thugs with speed, skill, and stealth as that of The Dark Knight.

Alfred can even lurk on the top of a street lamp.

However, the creator of Be The Butler PC mod cited some limitations to using Alfred as a playable character.

“I’ve tried to edit some files in Batman: Arkham Knight and finally managed to play as Alfred Pennyworth,” he said. “His moveset is very limited, he cannot perform counter-attacks, environmental takedowns or dual takedowns, but he can still kick plenty of ass.”

The appearance is the only thing that changed, though, as the voice remains to be that of Bruce Wayne’s. Even references and dialogue still call the playable character as the Batman/Bruce.

A number of other PC version mods were previously released, allowing players to play as the villains, which are normally not a playable character in the game.