'Bates Motel' series news: Season four will send message of hope, decipher delusion from reality


“Bates Motel” has just returned for its fourth season run, and it bodes well of the drama and thrillers in store for the viewers for the rest of its new season.

According to “Bates Motel” showrunner Kerry Ehrin, viewers can expect the season to be the best ever as the scripts for the upcoming episodes are loaded with moving drama and heart-stomping scenes and the cast by far are delivering top-of-the-line performances.

The showrunner reveals in her Variety interview that the fourth season of “Bates Motel” takes off from the events in the show’s finale episode during its third season. However, the core of this season will be about the bond between Norman (Freddie Highmore) and Norma (Vera Farmiga), which will showcase the two fighting the odds while protecting the strange emotional connection that they have. On the whole, viewers can expect “Bates Motel” to be loaded with scenes that send a message of hope amidst the chaos and deciphering delusion from reality.

Speaking of Norma, Ehrin says that it will dawn on her that she can only do as much in her attempt to fix Norman, realizing that no amount of love can suffice in helping Norman from how he is. With this, she will take it upon herself to consider options other than herself can offer.

It goes without saying that things will not be a walk in the park for her as she looks on possible things that can help Norman. Apart from being dependent on Norman for the longest time, the fear that something is terribly wrong with him and that he might be taken away from her impedes her attempts to find a solution.

However, finding ways on how to help Norman is not the only challenge Norma will go through. Due to the fear that Norman might hurt her too, she’ll start building some emotional barriers between the two of them despite the love she has for him.

On the other hand, Ehrin says it will be brought to Norman’s attention that he loses track of time and that he encounters vagueness of what’s real, acknowledging the fact that his interpretation of reality is not always correct. He will also start questioning the motives of Norma as the latter tries to control him.

It’s a given that, as Norman Bates, he will kill people just like how the character was in the movies. However, apart from Norman’s killings, avid viewers of the show should also look forward to the conflict that will ensue between Romero and Norman as the former will develop a new connection with Norma.

“Norman’s attitude towards Sheriff Romero will pit the two of them against each other as the season draws to a close,” reveals Highmore in his interview with Collider.