Bates Motel season 4 spoilers: is Norma's life in danger from Norman?


A&E’s thriller drama, Bates Motel, is going darker in Season 4 when Norman Bates finally succumbs to being a full on psychopath.

Viewers have seen the shocking turn of events in Season three’s finale when Norma tied up and locked Norman in the basement. Upon escaping, he brutally killed Bradley after slipping into Norma’s personality. This leads to speculations that Freddie Highmore’s version of Norman is nearing the fate of his counterpart in the film Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock.

Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Executive Producer Kerry Ehrin hinted that Norma’s ways to protect Norman has repercussions on one who has dissociative disorder.

“So in many ways, “Mother” is that for Norman. It’s somebody that he can call on when he feels out of control. The other side of that is, he has this whole warped, psychosexual, frustrated, messed-up psychology with his mother which also feeds into it. So it’s just created this being that lives in him,” she said.

The producer also addressed the questions of some viewers who may be wondering what happens to the mother and son duo, now that Norma is scared of him.

When asked if Norman killing Norma is the last thing that can happen to the show, “I feel like that could happen, honestly, at any point. It could happen in any episode from now until the end of the series,” she answered.

Meanwhile, it was announced last month that Bates Motel has been renewed and has received the order of 20 more exciting episodes, 10 each for season four and season five.

According to A&E and Lifetime Executive Vice President and General Manager Rob Sharenow, the new seasons will bring fans to the next stages as Norman transforms into “the most notorious psychopath in cinematic history.”

Season four will begin shooting later this year and is expected to come out in 2016.