Bates Motel Season 4 spoilers: Norman is full on Psycho; Alex reveals feelings for Norma; romance for Emma and Dylan


After spending three seasons living on the fringe of his psychopathy, Norman (Freddie Highmore) finally snapped in the season 3 finale, going on full mommy mode as he killed Bradley Martin (Nicola Peltz).

When the show returns for Season 4, the cast is promising to deliver more thrills, more romance and more suspense in the series based on Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 thriller Psycho.

In an interview with zap2it, showrunner Carlton Cuse confirmed that Norman will continue to spiral deeper into his psychopathy in the upcoming season while his mother Norma (Vera Farmiga) tries her best to help him get better.

“Next season will be very interesting because next season the duality of his persona will solidify in a way that will be really compelling to watch. We’re moving into familiar territory of Norman Bates,” he said.

While Norman gets worse, his brother Dylan (Max Thierot) is finally on his way to being happy with his blossoming romance with Emma (Olivia Cooke). Cuse confirmed that the show is batting for Team Dylemma but does not discount that their love story might face complications, especially since Emma will undergo lung surgery next season.

“We never want the story to be completely bleak. What we try really hard is to infuse the story with a lot of heart and humanity, even as it’s taking dark turns. That’s the type of storytelling I’ve always been interested in.”

Meanwhile, in a separate interview with TVLine, co-showrunner Kerry Ehrin said that Norma will try to help her son through his mental issues, even if it means sending him to an expensive mental institution.

“She wants to take care of him (Norman) and do the right thing. And she needed to be honest with him [in that moment] and be like, “Here’s where I was. Here’s what I was doing. And here’s why I was doing it.” In a way, that emotional need almost [trumps] the actual physical realities of money,” she said.

Romance may also be in the cards for the troubled widow after Alex finally acknowledged the depth of his feelings for Norma when he murdered Bob Paris to protect her.

“This is a different line to cross, even for him. Bob wasn’t a moral person, but Alex had deep roots with him. It was not an easy kill. It also wasn’t about anything other then [protecting] Norman from being incarcerated. And to pare it down even more, it’s strictly about [his] love [for Norma],” explained actor Nestor Carbonnel, who plays Sheriff Alex Romero.