Bates Motel season 4 spoilers: next season sees return of Crazy mountain man Chick; fans can roam around Bates Motel on interactive website


A new threat is coming for the Bates Family as Chick comes back to White Pines Bay when the prequel to Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” film, A&E TV’s thriller and dramas series, “Bates Motel” returns for season four sometime in 2016.

According to showrunner Kerry Ehrin, Ryan Hurst’s “crazy mountain man” will come back to the town to presumably cause more problems for Dylan. Ehrin also mentioned that there will be other returning cast “from Season 1 that you haven’t seen in a while,” TV Line reports.

During season three, viewers will remember Chick as the guy who promised Caleb and Dylan a huge amount of money in order for Emma to get her transplant surgery. In exchange, they have to do a gun and drug run for him. However, when they arrived at the meeting place, Chick did not warn them about his so-called partners. Angered that Chick seemingly backed out on their meeting, they get hold of all Caleb and Dylan’s guns. To send a gruesome message to Chick, they want to shoot Dylan.

Luckily, Caleb has a spare gun in case things do not go smoothly. He managed to fire at the partners and together, they fled the scene with Dylan sustaining some injuries.

On the penultimate episode, Caleb confronted Chick and demanded to have the money. Chick refused and pulled out a gun to Caleb, who is quick to react and beat him endlessly. He ran off with the money and gave it to Dylan whom he asked to keep the things they did from Emma.

Viewers will have to find out if Caleb will also return on season four but things may not be looking bright for Dylan who has to face Chick alone.

Meanwhile, to help with the waiting time, an interactive official website has been set-up that allows users to check all the rooms in the iconic Bates Motel. 

Some of the familiar items on the series can be seen in the site and there are also hidden Easter eggs in the location. A message that reads, “Old motels like these house lots of secrets. Dig around to discover what you can…” will tease the user upon entering room number one.