Bates Motel season 4: Norman's mental health worsens, while Dylan and Emma's feelings grow


‘Bates Motel’ has been renewed for seasons 4 and 5, and the fans can expect the fifth season to be out by 2017.

The season 3 of ‘Bates Motel’ ended with a major twist when Norman ended up killing Bradley by pretending to be Norma. After the brutal killing, Norman escapes town. Also, on the last season, it was seen that Emma was getting a new lung transplant, but she wasn’t sure if her body will be able to accept the transplant. Dylan, who tries to comfort her, ends up sharing a kiss with her.

Meanwhile, Romero confessed his love to Norma, last season, to the extent that he killed Bob to protect her. The next season will most likely see Romero and Norma’s relationship go to the next level.

According to a report by Crossmap, Rob Sharenow, the Executive Vice President of A&E has made the announcement for the next season, in which he stated that the creative team of the show were able to show the breakdown of the relationship between Norman and Norma, which leads to the creation of the plot line for the next two seasons.

According to a report by Movie News Guide, the next two seasons will concentrate on Norma trying to save Norman even as his mental health keeps deteriorating, and also how Dylan and Emma’s relationship will evolve.

Talking about Emma and Dylan’s relationship, in an interview with TV Line, the producer of the show, Carlton Cuse, said, “It didn’t feel possible for the Dylan and Emma relationship to start to blossom until this point. For quite a while we’ve talked about Emma and Dylan becoming more connected. I wouldn’t want to say too much, but clearly there’s more story between them that will unfold next season.”

In the next season, Norman’s psychotic rage will be at its prime, and he will be seen going to the mental facility, yet again.

The season 4 of ‘Bates Motel’ will premiere in 2016.