Basketball Wives LA spoilers: Viewers share their views of Draya Michele and Mehgan James


On the next episode of VH1’s hit reality series, “Basketball Wives LA,” Draya Michele and Mehgan James may be in hot waters.

Last week’s events showed that Mehgan James knew about Draya’s comments about her stomach and how unflattering it looks. Mehgan retaliated and asked how Draya’s boyfriend feels with his girlfriend’s graphic photo circulating around the web.

This is not the first time that Draya is confronted. Malaysia Pargo sat down with her previously, and told her how insensitive she is with the death of Malaysia’s brother.

Draya who has been outspoken since the start of the show may be on the receiving end of the girls’ statements this time around.

On a clip revealed on the show’s official Facebook page, some of her friends said that, “She treats them like they’re underneath her,” but Draya seemingly becoming aware of the situation notes, “Why am I getting the side-eye?” when she entered the room with all her friends around.

She said to the group that she thinks they need to address the “elephant” in the room. Mehgan interrupted her saying, “Are you calling me an elephant?” to which Draya quips with, “Do you feel like an elephant?”

Viewers of the show are then asked to take to Twitter if they think Draya is actually a bully or they deem that she is a victim of the situation by posting respective hashtags, “#DrayaBully” or “#DrayaVictim.” Results of their votes will be shown in the new episode.

Moreover, another poll has been brought up by the series about Mehgan.

A short clip from a past episode has Mehgan commenting “I don’t care who lied or who don’t. I didn’t lie.” When she asked, “So who are you calling out?” she answered, “I’m calling out whoever.”

Show followers may voice out their thoughts using “#?MehganLiar” or “?#?MehganHonest” on their posts.