Basketball Wives LA Season 4: Draya Michelle says reality TV isn't her thing anymore; Brandi Maxiell still annoyed after 'boring' comment


Draya Michelle was absent from the reunion special of Basketball Wives of LA Season 4 as she confirmed to her fans that she is done with the VH1 reality show.

“I have no regrets about reality TV and I’m thankful for the opportunity.It’s just not my thing anymore,” she posted on Twitter.

The controversial reality star also addressed some fans’ suggestions for her to continue to appear on the show to promote her Mint Swim swimwear line but she discounted the possibility because she believes that it will be attacked, VH1 reported.

The reality star instead shared with her fans the projects that she’s been involved in and shared her excitement over her next endeavors which include focusing on her designing and acting. Michelle is also trying her hand at writing a book.

“I told you guys I’m writing a book. I’m old school but I’m actually writing in a journal page by page,” she tweeted.

However, her departure from the show does not mean that she is saying goodbye to reality television altogether, saying she will not rule it out “as long as it’s a solely Draya project.”

Despite Michelle’s departure from the show however, it would seem like Brandi Maxiell is still stinging from the “boring” cancer storyline comment that Michelle made earlier, reported Enstarz.

“I don’t give a d— what Draya has to say. She can call me boring, she can call me whatever. At the end of the day I’m relevant to this whole situation. The show is called ‘Basketball Wives’ and you’re supposed to follow the life of a basketball wife. That’s exactly what I am, that’s exactly what I’m gonna be and that’s exactly what she’s not,” the feisty reality star said prior to the reunion episode.