'Basketball Wives LA' season 4: Brandi and Draya get into a heated fight in the latest episode


In the latest episode of “Basketball Wives LA,” Brandi Maxiell and Draya Michele get into an intense argument.

In a teaser video for the eighth episode, Brandi paid a visit to Malaysia Pargo to talk about her fight with Draya.

During the row, the Mint Swim designer said some hurtful words to her cast mate.

According to Enstarz, Draya mentioned that Malaysia Pargo and Brandi were both “concerned about ratings.” The two then asked her why she opted not to allow her relationship with NFL athlete Orlando Scandrick or her son be seen on the show. Draya then said that misunderstandings with Maxiell and Pargo began once she decided not to mix her personal life into the series.

“When I was asked ‘why are you trying to sabotage ratings by being boring? Why are you even here?’ I became irate,” said Draya. “I began saying things like ‘it’s time for everyone else to step up to the plate and bring drama these fans love to watch each week…'”

Later in the sneak peak a previous fight can be heard and Draya’s voice telling Brandi “I have a job because of my past. You don’t have a job ’cause you have cancer.”

“‘You wack. Your cancer’s wack.’ Like really Draya?” Brandi explained. “She’s such a phony. Like she acted like she cared. When Sundy said what she said, she was so horrible. But here you are saying the exact… like really? Are you f**king kidding me?”

Meanwhile, Draya Michele has documented the injury of her soon-to-be husband Orlando Scandrick. During a rehearsal, the Dallas Cowboys star injured his right knee. Michele posted a picture on her Instagram showing her holding hands with her fiance in a hospital, making sure her diamond ring was visible in the photo.

The twenty-nine-year old reality star wrote, “But as soon as the show is over, she’s right back to being my soldier. Cuz mami’s a rider, and I’m a roller … put us together, how they gone stop both us? #RoadToRecovery #SuccessfulSurgery.”

“Basketball Wives LA” airs Sundays on VH1.