'Banshee' season 4 spoilers: Executive producer discusses finale, Lucas Hood name


“Banshee,” after four seasons, will soon air its final episode. As with all finales, storylines will be wrapped up. However, there might be some secrets and mysteries that will remain as such even after the show ends.

In a recent interview with Collider, “Banshee” executive producer and showrunner Jonathan Trooper talked about the show’s final season, how it is different from other seasons, and whether fans will be able to know about the past of Lucas Hood or much less his real name before the series finally wraps up.

Trooper said in the interview that while they consider the third season as the “ultimate action season,” they intended to have season 4 top what season 3 had to offer instead of just focusing on character moments and seeing all the stories of the character tie up. He described season 4 as a “more suspenseful season, and a more character-driven season.”

As for the backstory of the main protagonist Lucas Hood, it seems that fans will continue guessing as the showrunners seem to be at peace with his identitiy being kept in the past and never brought back up again.

“We’ve been teasing out his backstory for the entire show, but the whole idea is that he’s never really been anyone,” Trooper explained. “He spent his formative years in prison and, before that, he just kept changing who he was. The whole show is about him trying to figure out who he is. The whole essence of Lucas Hood is that, whether or not he has a real name, it doesn’t match a real person. He’s a man without a name, and my inclination is to keep him that way.”

The character of Lucas Hood had been without a specific identity to the point that even the writers and the executive producers of the show had no intention of tackling his real name, his real identity, or much less a back story.

“No, we never had a name,” the executive producer added. “To me, he was always the man with no name.”

“Banshee” airs Friday at 10 P.M. on Cinemax.