Bad Boys 3 news: Will Smith to be offered role after Suicide Squad; Gabrielle Union ready to reprise role; Joe Carnahan may direct


Slowly but surely, Sony Pictures’ development of Bad Boys 3 is gaining traction and some minor media buildup. It’s easy to think that Sony Pictures is busy with partnerships in larger cinematic universes like Marvel, but nothing beats the charm and allure of the old school way of gaining box office hits.This includes doing it in the Bad Boys way.

The latest update on the third installment is that Gabrielle Union has expressed a desire to reprise her role as Will Smith’s love interest if Sony calls her up for the part, reported Access Hollywood. The same report said that Will Smith will be offered to return to the franchise after he is done with Suicide Squad, and Joe Carnahan is in talks to do the screenplay for the third installment. He may also be called upon to direct the installment seeing as original director Michael Bay is involved in blockbuster franchises. 

It can be recalled that Michael Bay was established as a director in 1995 by Bad Boys according to Screen Rant, but because he is now tied with Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the possibility is small that he will return to the franchise, reported Venture Capital Post.

Sony Pictures already reportedly put Bad Boys 3 in the fast track list and this means that a new director is required to move things forward. 

Sony is hoping that this will be Will Smith’s new focus after shooting at Toronto for Suicide Squad. Joe Carnahan will provide a potentially fresh take on the film franchise like with his work at A-Team, Smokin’ Aces, The Blacklist, and State of Affairs. He also did impressive work with The Grey and Stretch.

According to Christian Today, Will Smith’s partner Marcus Burnett, who is played by Martin Lawrence, has also not yet confirmed his return to the third part of the franchise. However, he was the one who first revealed that Bad Boys 3 is a go in a late night Conan O’Brien interview.