'Baby Daddy' season 5 spoilers: Ben and Danny talk about relationship with Riley in episode 6


The comedy and tension will continue in episode 6 of “Baby Daddy” season 5 tonight.

In the previous episode, titled “The Dating Game,” the characters found themselves in awkward situations when confusions rose regarding their intent when Zoey (Jonna Walsh and Sam (Daniella Monet) were asked out. Riley (Chelsea Kane) was also put in an uncomfortable situation when her client wanted her to get close to Bonnie (Melissa Peterman), the person who she is avoiding.

In the upcoming episode, titled “Never Ben Jealous,” Danny (Derek Theler) and Riley will be in another awkward situation when Ben (Jean-Luc Bilodeau) talks about their relationship. On the other hand, Bonnie and Tucker (Tahj Mowry) will be working on their own agendas.

In the official synopsis posted on TV Guide, it reads, “Ben attempts to prove to Danny that his relationship with Riley was real, leading to awkward tension between Danny and Riley. Meanwhile, Bonnie flirts with someone in a position of power to further her own agenda; and Tucker rekindles an old romance.”

In the first sneak peek posted on Spoiler TV, the short clip shows Danny and Ben talking about the relationship of Danny and Riley, with the former accusing Ben that he is jealous of what they have. Apparently, they have mentioned something that pissed off Riley. The third sneak peek also highlighted the same issue, with Ben trying to take Tucker’s side that there has been something in the past between him and Riley.

On the other hand, the second preview shows Riley excited to be given the honor of preparing the speech for an important client. However, Bonnie automatically dolls up herself to sell and dig some money from the said person. Riley is begging Bonnie to stay away from him.

“Baby Daddy” season 5 episode 6 will air on Mar. 9 at 8:30 P.M. on Freeform.