'Baby Daddy' season 5 episode 4 spoilers: Emma accidentally uploads video online, puts Ben and Tucker in tight spot


After Ben’s plan on a revenge with his high school crush somehow backfired, the upcoming episode of “Baby Daddy” will see them in another sticky situation.

In episode 4 of “Baby Daddy”, titled “Ben-geance,” Ben (Jean-Luc Bilodeau) decided to hire a manager for his bar, after accepting that he cannot handle all of its demands. He got excited when one of the applicants was his high school crush Sam (Daniella Monet) as he intended to seek revenge on her after the latter ignored him in high school. As he was preparing his vengeance, he was caught off guard with how beautiful Sam is. Eventually, Ben continued to come up with a scheme, but he cannot help to still have romantic feelings for her.

Reports indicate that Monet will still appear in two of the episodes in the season. It is still unclear whether Sam will become Ben’s love interest in “Baby Daddy,” but it is also possible that Ben will eventually be successful in pulling off his revenge.

Meanwhile, the upcoming episode, titled “The Tuck Stops Here” will see Ben and Tucker (Tahj Mowry) in a tight situation after Emma accidentally exposes some videos online. On the other hand, Danny (Derek Theler) will also be in a tight spot when Riley (Chelse Kane) asks her to do something that will be a bit confrontational.

In the official synopsis posted on TV Guide, it reads, “Ben films Tucker’s boss berating him to show him how badly he’s treated, but Tucker ends up in a worse position when Emma accidentally uploads the video and it goes viral. Meanwhile, Riley asks Danny to tell Bonnie they can’t always hang out with her.”

The initial preview on Spoilers Guide simply showed Tucker dressed up in a woman’s clothes, telling Ben that “it’s time I got my dignity back.” The snippets also showed that there may be some costume party coming for episode 4.

“Baby Daddy” season 5 will air episode 4 on Feb. 24 at 8:30 P.M. ET on Freeform.