'Baby Daddy' season 5 episode 3 spoilers: Ben plans revenge on high school crush, backfires


In the upcoming episode of “Baby Daddy” season 5, Ben will try to seek vengeance against his high school crush in an episode titled “Ben-geance.”

In the previous episode of the show, “Reinventing the Wheeler,” Emma, Ben’s (Jean-Luc Bilodeau) daughter who was left at his doorstep by his ex-girlfriend, referred to different women as “mommy.” Ben yearned to look for someone special after hearing this and after seeing Riley (Chelsea Kane) and Danny’s (Derek Theler) progress in their relationship.

In the upcoming episode, the show will start off with Ben realizing that he is struggling in coping with the demands of his bar and will decide to hire a manager. One of his applicants will be Sam (Allie Gonino), the girl who he had a relationship with back in high school. However, as Sam ignored him and was not a nice person back then, Ben will decide to take “Ben-geance” on her.

In the sneak peek posted on Spoilers Guide, the preview showed Ben getting excited about Sam’s application. He told Riley and Danny that he will make Sam believe that she gets the job and later on “yank it out from her” as his revenge.

In a different preview, Ben prepared his staff for Sam’s arrival. He boasted around, telling that Sam may be surprised with him, but he will pretend that he does not recognize her. However, Ben is caught unaware as a beautiful lady walks in the bar. Suddenly, Ben pretends that he is scolding his staff for stealing olives, emphasizing several times that he is the boss in order to come across as someone important. It seems like his plan for revenge backfired on him as he was clearly stunned by Sam.

It is still uncertain how things will turn out for Ben and if Sam has changed since high school. Fans will find out when “Baby Daddy” season 5 returns with episode 3 on Feb. 17 at 8:30 P.M. ET on Freeform.