'Baby Daddy' season 5, episode 10 spoilers: Ben confused with his feelings; renewal for season 6 still uncertain


After running for two months, season 5 of “Baby Daddy” will reach its finale in the upcoming episode of the American sitcom.

Titled “Homecoming and Going,” Ben (Jean-Luc Bilodeau) will continue to be confused about his feelings for Sam (Daniella Monet) and Riley (Chelsea Kane) after spending the weekend together at the Hamptons. Tucker (Tahj Mowry) will be pleased to have the apartment alone to himself, while Bonnie (Melissa Peterman) will move on to a different man.

The official synopsis posted on TV Guide reads, “In the season 5 finale, Sam invites Ben, Riley and Danny to the Hamptons for the weekend, leaving Ben conflicted about his feelings for Sam and Riley; and Riley uncovers old home movies from high school. Elsewhere, Bonnie goes on a date with another man after she thinks Brad has moved on; and Tucker’s excited to have the apartment to himself.”

In one of the sneak peeks posted on Spoiler TV, it shows Sam, Ben, Riley, and Danny arriving at Sam’s place. Sam assigns Riley and Danny at the bedroom downstairs, while she and Ben will be staying upstairs. Ben is ecstatic with this, but Sam quickly clarifies that there are two beds. Meanwhile, Riley points out to Ben that Sam only wants him because he is not interested with her anymore. However, Ben looks hopeful once again.

In another sneak peek for the upcoming episode, Bonnie is talking to her boyfriend through a tablet, with the latter admitting that he already found someone. Tucker enters the apartment as Bonnie cries, leaving the former with no choice but to comfort her. However, Bonnie pulls him to an embrace. Will he be the man who Bonnie will be interested with?

Episode 10 will air on April 6 at 8:30 P.M. EST on Freeform. 

Meanwhile, there are no official updates as to whether the show will be renewed for season 6 or not. For the past nine episodes that “Baby Daddy” ran, the television series experienced volatility in terms of viewers, averaging at around 0.529 million. The episode premiere had the highest number of audience with 0.62 million viewers, while episode 9 noted 0.457 million viewers. Back in season 4, the show averaged 0.766 viewers.