Baby Daddy Season 4 spoilers: Reba McEntire stars in season finale, what will become of the Riley-Danny-Ben love triangle?


Weddings really evoke a lot of emotions and reflections, and this is exactly what brings on much of the events in Baby Daddy Season 4 as it approaches the finale.

With Reba McEntire playing Charlotte, a new character is introduced who may seem to have shadier plans in helping out for Bonnie’s wedding. Regardless of the challenges, Bonnie’s wedding will cap off the season but there will be unexpected twists and consequences for all of the main characters.

Ben and Danny’s mom Bonnie is all ready for her wedding until her wedding planner quits on her. This spells ultimate disaster so Tucker manages it instead. But Charlotte will enter the scene in the guise of helping out Bonnie with the wedding planning. As it turns out, Charlotte will have more tricks under her sleeve. For the rest of the already existing main characters, things will take a more reflective turn. The season’s end will focus on how each character thinks of his or her own life and where it will go.

Aside from this, the usual logistic problems of wedding planning will occur. In the 20<sup>th episode, Bonnie’s wedding dress encountered various disasters. This will continue until the season finale. Emotionally, there will be some entanglement of sorts. Ben and Danny continue to vie for Riley’s attention and the season finale will reveal her decision regarding this issue.

Because of satisfactory ratings, Baby Daddy has been renewed for season 5, so the season finale is not going to be the end for this promising show.