'Avengers Infinity Wars' spoilers: Guardians Of The Galaxy are set to make an appearance during the Infinity Wars


“Captain America: Civil War” is still being enjoyed by moviegoers and at the same time breaking box office records. The movie has also shown a line-up of different superheroes with various abilities, but the fans should be prepared for a much bigger line-up that would be seen in “Avengers: infinity War part 1.”

During one of the culminating movies that of phase 3, the heroes will be faced by the mad titan, Thanos, who is played by the actor Josh Brolin. It is also expected that around this time Thanos may have completed the gems for his Infinity gauntlet and will visit the planet Earth in order to conquer it.

According to reports, it would be the responsibility of the Avengers to save Earth from the madness of Thanos, but there may also be another team present that will lend a hand.

Recently, Nerdist had an interview with the screenwriters for the “Infinity Wars,” Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely in their podcast. It may appear that the members of the Guardians of the Galaxy will also appear during the Infinity Wars. Markus mentioned, “Let me put it this way: you know who owns that gauntlet, right? You know who’s in another movie and his kids are in that movie…you do the math.”

It seems that Gamora, the adopted daughter of Thanos, may be the catalyst in order to prevent her father from destroying the Earth. Furthermore, she may play a big role in convincing Star Lord and their other companions to support the Avengers.

As mentioned in iDigitalTimes, the roster heroes that would protect Earth would be over 60 characters. With that kind of roster that includes almost every hero who has shown up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but unfortunately, the heroes from the Netflix shows may not be included.

Once Thanos has collected all the 6 gems for the Infinity Gauntlet, the limit of his power may be endless.

“Avengers: Infinity Wars part 1” is slated to be released in 2018.