Avengers Infinity War news: will be filmed using IMAX and ARRI's revolutionary 2D digital camera; Adam Warlock's The Magus to play another villain beside Thanos?


With eight years in the making, the followers of the growing Marvel Cinematic Universe will see the culmination of their beloved superheroes in a two-part massive event, “Avengers: Infinity War,” to be released on May 4, 2018 and May 3, 2019.

Marvel announced earlier this year that brothers Joe and Anthony Russo will direct the highly-anticipated part one of the film. They are also the duo behind the previous blockbuster “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and the upcoming movie, “Captain America: Civil War.” Teaming up with the brothers are screenwriters Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely.

“Chris and Steve have been an integral part of the Marvel family since the early days of Phase 1, and their work speaks for itself. We couldn’t be more excited to have them with us to help guide the Avengers through their biggest story yet,” Marvel president and film producer Kevin Feige said.

The Russo brothers together with IMAX Corporation also revealed that the two installments will be shot using the latest joint technology IMAX and ARRI’s next generation revolutionary 2D digital camera.

The report notes that Civil War will make use of the technology but only in select scenes, while the Infinity War will be filmed entirely with the tech to provide viewers a cinematic experience that they never have encountered before.

“The intent with the Infinity War films is to bring 10 years of accumulative storytelling to an incredible climax. We felt that the best way to exploit the scale and scope required to close out the final chapter of these three phases, was to be the first films shot entirely on the IMAX/Arri Digital camera,” the brothers said.

There is no confirmation yet on who among the superheroes will appear but it is confirmed that they will be pitted against the powerful alien, Thanos, as he tries to assemble the infinity stones to acquire a god-like power.

Rumors have it that another villain may be included in the form of the evil version of Adam Warlock, also known as The Magus in Marvel comics.

Cinema Blend reports that The Magus comes from the future who met with Adam to ensure his creation using the powerful glove of Thanos and in his quest to steal the Infinity Gauntlet, he became trapped inside the soul gem.

Marvel has not release any comment on the rumor.