'Avatar' 2 news: Stephen Lang gives update on upcoming films, says he has read 'over 75 percent' of the story


It has been seven years since “Avatar” premiered in movie theaters, and the groundbreaking film was a commercial success as it became the first film to surpass the $2 billion mark in the box office. James Cameron is gearing up for the next “Avatar” film, and earlier this year, the writer/director confirmed that there are plans for four sequels with the first one scheduled for release in 2018.

Stephen Lang, who played Colonel Miles Quaritch in the first film, has just confirmed in a new interview that he will be back for the sequel. Quaritch was the main antagonist in “Avatar” and the chief of security of Hell’s Gate on Pandora. The character was killed after Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) shot him twice through the chest with her father’s bow. While the actor did not reveal details as to how he is still alive in the upcoming films, Lang said that he is almost done reading Cameron’s epic story.

“Well, how am I still in them, I guess I would just quote Jim Cameron on that when he’s asked that and he leans forward in that intimidating way and says, ‘Hey. It’s science fiction,'” Lang said to Ain’t It Cool News.

When asked about where they are in the sequel, Lang said that things have been moving forward and that they are “doing very, very well.”

“It’s a massive saga, and it encompasses four films,” the actor explained. “I have made my way through 75 percent of the epic…We’re getting there, we’re in good shape.”

Lang revealed that they’ll start production in early 2017, but fans should expect that filming will take some time as the next “Avatar” movie is expected to use new technology to craft the film.

“The thing is, as you can imagine with a film like ‘Avatar,’ it’s not like the work hasn’t been going on,” said Lang. “The design, the production design, the various worlds, and creatures and environments, that’s all being worked on.”

“Avatar 2” is expected to premiere in theaters in December 2018, followed by “Avatar 3” in 2020, “Avatar 4” in 2022, and “Avatar 5” in 2023.