'Avatar 2' news: Much anticipated sequel gets delayed again


Late last year, everyone got really excited when James Cameron officially announced that there are three more movies for what would be the “Avatar” franchise, and the first one is set to drop around Christmas 2017. Unfortunately, it now looks like that will no longer be the case as Fox has just announced that “Avatar 2” will not be audience ready by that time.

The Wrap noted that 20th Century Fox, the studio that will roll out the movie, declined to give more comments on the delay. What’s worse is that now, there is not even a targeted date of release for the much anticipated sequel for the blockbuster hit. This is the second official delay of the movie which was originally slated for this year’s holiday season.

The three follow up films are planned to be shot in one go in New Zealand with Lightstorm Entertainment and Cameron. Sound stage and computer generated effects are also already in the early stages, but even the actual filming has no start date which may mean that this time, it may take not just a year of delay.

Another external factor coming to play regarding “Avatar 2’s” rescheduling is that Disney and Lucasfilms has just moved “Star Wars: Episode VIII’s” premiere date to December 2017 from its original opening in May. Regardless of speculations that Cameron’s sequel will not make their original deadline prior to “Star Wars” time jump, this certainly might have also affected Fox’s decision. Furthermore, Disney would also not be willing to go up against “Avatar 2” if they did not sense that they have a chance to have a higher blockbuster rating than the former.

In a recent interview, Cameron has acknowledged the pressure of doing well in the planned sequels and with the filmmaker known to be a perfectionist, it is safe to assume that people can expect that he will only roll out the movie once it is in its flawless form.