Avatar 2 news: Josh Friedman writing the script; greater focus on Na'vi culture


Director James Cameron is not just an impressive oceanographer, he is also a master of technology filming efficiency. The third and fourth installments will be shot with the second installment of Avatar simultaneously using his cutting edge motion capture technology for underwater scenes. All three films will be unlike anything anyone has ever seen on film, for sure. On top of that, Josh Friedman will be writing the scene for Avatar 2.

Venture Capital Post dishes out on the additional details of this impressive feat that Cameron’s team is trying to pull off, succinctly summed up by lead star Sam Worthington who plays the role of Jake Sully: “We are going to start this time next year and we will do two, three and four. In one shot, we’ll do them simultaneously. I’ll be grateful if it finishes. I think Jim is building the ship to Pandora, to be honest.”

Given the heavy underwater focus, the plot’s possible setting is Pandora’s ocean view. If the first film focused on the human hybrid’s encounter with the species, this installment will start delving deeper into the Na’vi culture. To complement the visuals is the verbal artistry of Friedman, known for films such as “War of the Worlds” and “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.” Apart from his inclusion, fans are also thrilled to find out that Dr. Grace Augustine, played by Sigourney Weaver, will reprise her role in Avatar 2 according to Movie News Guide. Fans thought she was dead for good the last time.

Avatar 2 will be on theaters this December 2017. The third and fourth installments will be shown globally in 2018 and 2019. According to Latinos Health, the late James Horner previously revealed that there could even be an Avatar 5 if Cameron does not get to condense the plot in the remaining three installments the team has signed up for. Horner was slated to compose the music score for Avatar 2 before his untimely death last month in an aircraft accident.