'Avatar 2' movie news: Stephen Lang talks about his return to franchise


Actor Stephen Lang, who played the role of Colonel Quaritch in 2009’s record-breaking blockbuster “Avatar,” talked about his return to the franchise and how his character would be the Darth Vader of the “Avatar” universe which was built by the award-winning scriptwriter and film director, James Cameron.

In an interview with Cinema Blend, Lang shared that his character’s return following his demise in the first film had been something that Cameron himself had hinted at for a long time, but back then, the actor did not believe much of it. However, the actor also credited the resurrection of his character to the feedback he received during the first film, and shared that he felt lucky to be the one to give life to it.

“What it says is that Jim had a saga, an epic in his mind, all the time,” he said. “Now, I think that certainly if Quaritch had not been as successful a character as he was and it was interesting, the number of people who liked Quaritch, along with reviling him. But I think it’s possible he wouldn’t have come back, but the circumstances just made it, I wouldn’t say inevitable, certainly not in my mind, but perhaps they were in Jim Cameron’s mind. We had a good working relationship. It was a successful character, and, you know, lucky me!”

Cameron’s “Avatar” franchise was initially only set for two more sequels, totaling to three movies all in all. However, as work for the sequels progressed through the years, it appeared that the legendary filmmaker had expanded the universe of the franchise far beyond the span of a trilogy.

The sequels have undergone a number of delays and rescheduling, and more parts were added to the franchise. There are now four planned sequels, all of which will be shot side-by-side. The first “Avatar” sequel is set to be released if no more rescheduling would take place in the future on December 2018. It will then be followed by three more films to be released in December 2020, 2022 and 2023, respectively.

As for Lang, the actor previously expressed his doubts on whether he would be available enough to play the character of Cable in the much-anticipated sequel film, “Deadpool 2.” So far, fans can see the actor in his newest film, “Don’t’ Breathe,” which open in theaters on Aug. 26.