'Attack on Titan' game news: Koei Tecmo reveals first look at Titan Eren


“Attack on Titan” game publisher Koei Tecmo Games recently revealed the main protagonist’s Eren Yeager’s Titan shifter form in action for the first time in a new gameplay video. The new gameplay video showcased how Eren’s Titan form differ from other characters and how his movements and skillsets affect the game’s environment.

Koei Tecmo Games already treated fans in the past with a number of gameplay videos and teasers for “Attack on Titan.” It was already made known that the game would feature main protagonist’s Eren’s Titan from as a playable character. While screenshots were released in the past, it is not until now that fans of the massive hit anime and manga title got to see Eren’s Titan form in full action.

In the new gameplay video, Eren transforms into his Titan form. When in his Titan form, the player can control Eren and kill normal Titans with a single blow. Eren’s Titan form can also jump high and in long distances.

Additionally, Eren in his Titan form can wreak havoc around the battle area, since all of his movements and attacks will affect the structures around him. As such, every time he jumps, the building he lands on will be destroyed completely. If he attacks a Titan, it will fly away, and the building that it hits will be destroyed.

In other news, Koei Tecmo Games announced the list of upcoming DLCs for the game until the month of March:

  • Feb. 18: “New Year” costumes and weapons.
  • Feb. 25: “Festival” costumes, a new story mode episode “Wings Requirements,” and two other additional episodes.
  • March 3: “Halloween” costumes and weapons and three new episodes, including “Iron Wall.”
  • March 10: “Christmas” costumes and weapons, and three new episodes including “Survival Competition.”
  • March 17: new costumes, four new weapons, and nine additional episodes.

“Attack on Titan” will be released for the PS4, PS3, and the PS Vita on Feb. 18. An English release will come sometime this year.