'Attack on Titan' video game news: tweaked camp sequences, 2 additional stages, access to new chapters


Koei Tecmo updated the Japanese official website for the highly anticipated video game adaptation of “Attack on Titan.” New images alongside videos of the game’s mechanics and form of combats for the characters during action sequences at a camp were shown.

According to iDigital Times, the new clips of the game co-developed by Omega Force show more of the lead character Levi and Hanji as they kill the giant human-eating Titans that invade the walls of their location.

It is also revealed that roofs are accessible and can be used by players as they plan on how they will defeat the monsters while working as a team. However, the roofs are also destructible, and Titans will actively look for humans who may be hiding behind the buildings.

Some of the battles may also take place outside of the walls when it comes to missions that require capturing Titans but not killing them. Once outside, players cannot utilize the 3D Manuever Gear, and they have to navigate their characters while on horses.

The camp sequences also allow access to new chapters by conversing and interacting with other key NPCs. Players can likewise check their gear, modify their weapons, and plan for their next departure.

Moreover, two new stages namely “Ruined City” and “Rural Area” have been added, which are predicted to add more exciting things for the gamers.

Producer Hisashi Koinuma stated that the game is different from the “Dynasty Warrior” series in a sense that instead of having one player against many villains, it will be a teamwork of humans against one Titan. “Think of it as an action game set in the Attack on Titan world where players can move about freely. It won’t be something where you simply defeat an enemy to progress the story, but rather the base is an action game and within that you can understand the original story,” he said.

“Attack on Titan” will become available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita sometime in 2016 across North America and Europe.