'Attack on Titan' season 2 release date update: Production resumed


Fans of “Attack on Titan” were saddened when news surfaced about the production of the show being put on hold to make sure that its manga is ahead. Good news for fans though as the production of season 2 has now continued.

According to Yibada, production of “Attack on Titan” season 2 has resumed. Aside from this, fans can look forward to rich storylines for its sophomore run. Tetsuro Akari, director of the anime, said in an exclusive interview with the April issue of Bessatsu Sh?nen magazine that he will do his best to keep the story rooted to its manga version.

“It’s rare to adapt manga with a storyline that’s this impressive, so I will be extra cautious.” He added, “Whether it’s season 1 or season 2, I’ll be mentally prepared to face the production challenges,” noted the same news portal.

Akari also revealed that he and manga creator Hajime Isayama had been connecting constantly to discuss the plots and stories of the upcoming season. Akari also said that he will ensure that Isayama’s manga, titled “Shingeki No Kyojin,” will be adapted into the story very well.

Some of the rumors pertaining to the storyline of “Attack on Titan” season 2 includes revelation about the true owners of the Coordinates, which is the Reiss family and most particularly Lenz, daughter of Rod Reiss. It is also anticipated to feature the battle with Titans on Wall Rose led by Captain Erwin Smith.

The upcoming season is also expected to introduce new titans, rumored to include the “Colossal Titan” and “Armoured Titan.” Nonetheless, the biggest shocker of season 2 is Levi Ackerman’s death, as indicated in chapter 73 of the manga.

Just a few days ago, news surfaced that the production of season 2 was delayed as the manga version is only two story arcs away, as opposed to the ideal state of four story arcs away. The talents behind “Attack on Titan” remain true to their words to work double time to ensure delivery. At the moment, no official date has been pinned down for the premiere of the sophomore run, but it is expected later this year.