'Attack on Titan' season 2 to premiere in February 2017 with new story arcs and characters


It has been three years since the season 1 finale of “Attack on Titan” aired, and many fans have been waiting for the second season as those involved in making the anime have been staying silent about the new installment. However, it was announced last month that season 2 is on its way, and now, viewers have a premiere date to look forward to for the new installment.

According to GamenGuide, “Attack on Titan” season 2 is going to be released in February 2017. Sources told the media outlet that the script has been completed last month and that production on the new season has already started. The upcoming season is also said to have new characters that will surprise viewers.

It is believed that among the new characters that will be introduced in season 2 is a new shapeshifting Titan who can take on the form of a human being. According to Yibada, the Titan is said to be Zeke, described as a monster who is very interested in 3D maneuvering gear and has the ability to talk just like other humans in the story.

It was also claimed that the new season will focus on Krista Lenz and her true identity. The character is said to be the illegitimate daughter of King Rod Reiss and the true heir to the throne, and that her real name is Historia Reiss. It is believed that season 2 will see Krista divulging her true identity as she makes the difficult decision to join her family or fulfill her duties as a member of the Survey Corps.

It was said that the season 2 delay was due to plot changes and issues regarding some of the characters. Season 2 reportedly won’t be a continuation of the previous season rather, fans will find that they seem to be watching a new show. It was earlier reported that Kodansha decided to include the “Clash of Titans” and the “Uprising” arcs in the upcoming installment, and that an exact premiere date has yet to be announced for “Attack on Titan” season 2.