'Attack on Titan' season 2 spoilers, news: Krista Lenz to reveal her true identity as Historia Reiss?


Rumors have it that the highly anticipated season 2 of the hit anime series “Attack on Titan” will reveal the truth behind the Reiss family.

According to reports, the upcoming new installment will focus on Krista Lenz who is also known as Historia Reiss, as it is speculated that the royal family may be hiding the so-called ‘coordinates’ or the cradle power to control the human-eating monsters. The character has been revealed to be the heiress to the throne and the illegitimate daughter of King Rod Reiss. Since they have been ruling society for generations, it is believed that they may be hiding some secrets that allow them to stay in authority.

Viewers witnessed that Krista has been successful in keeping her real identity under wraps for the meantime. However, it is predicted to change once the imminent rebellion, presumably to be led by Commander Erwin Smith. against the royals comes to a full charge.

Krista is deemed to show her true lineage which will put her in a position to decide whether she will remain loyal to her fellow Scouting Legion members of the Survey Corps or to make her family her top priority.

Meanwhile, it is also assumed that the narrative may tackle a different storyline than that of the original manga series. If it indeed comes to fruition, the protagonists such as Eren Yaeger, Mikasa and Armin might be dealing with a tougher journey ahead as they apparently face a new form of Titan.

Some have claimed that the new breed of the villain will be bigger and more threatening than the Colossal Titan, who is supposedly the biggest creature in the adapted series. The said monster is believed to be named Zeke and has incomparable intelligence and speaking abilities similar to humans.

Since there is no official synopsis revealed yet, available information should be taken with a grain of salt. The release date for “Attack on Titan” season 2 has not been scheduled but it is expected to air sometime in 2017.