'Attack on Titan' season 2 rumors: Upcoming season to premiere in April?


In 2014, the animated series “Attack on Titan” was a hit. Created by Hajime Isayama, the series’ first season concluded with 25 episodes. Since then, the series was on hiatus. However, the wait will finally be over for the “Attack on Titan” fans as the second season is about to be unveiled.

A teaser trailer for the second season was recently released. It is said that the upcoming season will premiere in April 2017. The flesh-devouring giants known as Titans are back to break the massive walls as they attempt to wipe out the human race.

As noted in the first season, Eren and some of his friends learned that they could transform into Titans. Inside the wall, the monarchy had fallen after the rebellion that was led by the Survey Corps. Shortly after, a new queen was installed.

Also, it was also detailed in the previous season that Eren’s father stole The Coordinate from the royal family. He then injected The Coordinate to Eren’s body. The Coordinate is something that known to control other Titans at will. With Eren’s newfound power, he built a much stronger wall to protect the humanity.

Meanwhile, the Survey Corps embarked on another journey to Shiganshina to try to reclaim Wall Maria. The Titans ambushed them, but the human warriors were victorious, but they also captivated the attention of Zeke, the man who led the Titans’ attack. Additionally, after having a near-death encounter with a titan, Eren’s childhood friend, Armin, has also become a Titan shifter.

What could the second season offer? In the trailer, it appeared that Eren and the elite Survey Corps managed to travel beyond the great wall. It is speculated that the next season will follow the political dispute among humans withing the walls. More truths and more of Eren’s past are likely to be disclosed.

At the moment, the premiere date of “Attack on Titan” season 2 is yet to be specified.