'Attack on Titan' season 2 release date, spoilers: premiere date confirmed for new season


Now that the second season of “Attack on Titan” has been confirmed for April next year, fans are expected to focus more on figuring out what the initial episodes could showcase. Judging by the trend of the most recent speculations and rumors, the premiere could be all about Eren Yeager’s personal life and history, most importantly the period when his father decided he needed to be injected with a serum for him to be able to transform into a Titan.

Per GameNGuide, secrets of Eren’s life are expected to be revealed in season 2, considering that everyone already knows about Grisha Yeager’s own secret of hiding something very important in his basement, the same basement that Eren has the keys to.

Another report concurs with the prospect of the new season focusing on Eren’s journey of becoming a Titan. The publication said that Eren will be going on a journey to discover his real self, while Commander Erwin Smith will be making the ultimate sacrifice to save Eren.

There will be a lot of revelations expected, but for the fans of the series, the fact that season 2 of “Attack on Titan” will be dealing almost exclusively with Eren is something they’ve been waiting for and have anticipated, even during the time when there was a bit of uncertainty if a new season was indeed happening.

Finally, the writers of the TV anime adaptation are reportedly going to be basing the entirety of season 2 on the original manga version. This certainly is good news for the fans of both the manga and TV adaptation since there will be a strong possibility that the Beast Titan will eventually be introduced this upcoming season.

Expect more teasers and spoilers to come in the next couple of months for the second season of “Attack on Titan.”