'Attack on Titan' Season 2 release date: Creators waiting on manga series before working on Season 2


February has come and gone and the “Attack on Titan” game has already been released. As this is happening, news about Season 2 of the anime adaptation series has been scarce. One rumor pointed to a February airing in Japan of season 2 but this did not pass muster. Reports are now saying that season 2 is delayed because creators of the anime series are waiting on the story arcs of the manga series to move forward before they will start production.

According to a report in Design & Trend, the editor of the manga series Hajime Isayama said that the manga is 60% finished with its story arcs, indicating that there will still be 27 volumes of the manga to be published. Because the anime adaptation is a straight adaptation with the anime sticking closely to the story arcs of the manga, it needs to wait for additional story arcs to come out before working on season 2. The report cited Isayama saying that the anime will not move forward until the manga is four story arcs ahead of the anime.

While fans are waiting for word on Season 2’s release date, a preview trailer was released early this year. The three-minute long preview showed a shocking discovery by the Scouting Legion: they find the face of a Titan, who seems to be inside the wall that is surrounding the city. As Pastor Nick ordered the squad to shield the Titan from sunlight, the Squad leader confronted the pastor about the presence of the Titan, questioning why this knowledge was kept from them in the first place. As expected, the pastor doesn’t give any answers and their conversation ends with the squad leader asking if all of the walls of the city contained Titans.

According to Design & Trend, the story of season 2 will start with events after the Titans penetrate Wall Rose. The lead characters of the series will also be taking care of a corrupt king, with Captain Erwin Smith taking charge.