'Attack on Titan' game to debut in the west in August


The “Attack on Titan” game was initially released in Japan around two months ago, with no exact date pinned down for its western debut initially. However, fans will be pleased to hear that the game has already an exact date indicated for a launch in the United States and Europe.

Koei Tecmo America announced earlier this month that the “Attack on Titan” game is expected to come in the United States on Aug. 30. The physical copies of the game will be available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, but it is also expected to expand to PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PC Steam through digital copies.

On the other hand, Europe is expected to have it a few days earlier on Aug. 26 under the title “Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom,” reported Forbes. Similar to the release in the United States, Europe is also expected to have it in PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

This direction expands the market of the game, as it was released only for the Sony consoles in Japan. Nonetheless, the audio will still be in the Japanese language, although it will have an English subtitle to cater to the general public.

Attack on Titan” is generally well-received by fans, especially the multiplayer mode that it has included in the title. It follows the story of three young protagonists in their quest to survive the flesh-eating titans. Eventually, their mission expanded as they joined the Scout Regimen to try to save humanity. The game is closely linked to the first season of the title’s anime version.

Meanwhile, fans are also looking forward to the second season of “Attack on Titan.” The story is currently in production and is expected to come sometime this year.