'Attack on Titan' release date fixed for February 2016 by Koei Tecmo, new trailer revealed


Koei Tecmo’s upcoming game “Attack on Titan” gets a release date for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and the PlayStation Vita. The game publisher also announced the early bird purchaser bonus. A new gameplay trailer featuring never before seen footages from the game and in-game dialogues from familiar characters from the anime was also revealed.

The new trailer offers a first look of the game for the most recently announced playable character, Captain Levi Ackerman. Levi goes into action, killing a number of Titans in midair and from the ground while riding a horse. Of course, the series’ main character Eren Yeager also swings into action, therefore giving players a clearer picture of how the 3D maneuver Gear works in the game.

As previously detailed, the 3D maneuver Gear in the game will also work like an ordinary equipment used in real life. This means that the 3DMG’s blades will get dull the more it gets used and will need replacement sooner or later. Likewise, it will rely on a limited supply of gaswhich needs to be refilled after some time.

The gameplay video also shows other characters such as Dot Pixis, Armin, Sasha, and Mikasa Ackerman.

Players who will buy the game early once it gets released will be given a rewardfirst print copies of the game will include redeem codes for the “Cleanup Costume” for Eren and Levi along with “Duster Blades.”

The Limited Edition “Treasure Pack” will also be available once the game gets released. This special game package will include the main game and additional exclusive bonus content including official game documents, the game’s official soundtrack, an iconic scarf towel inspired by the series, a set of two badges for Eren, Mikasa, and Levi, and DLC packs containing costumes. The “Treasure Pack” Limited Editon package will be available for 12,800 Yen or $103.

“Attack on Titan” will be released in February 2016 in Japan. A Western release window has not been announced yet.