'Attack on Titan' game news: Taipei Game Show 2016 gameplay demo gets another airing


The upcoming and much anticipated game “Attack on Titan” was recently showcased at the Taipei Game Show 2016 in Taiwan. Koei Tecmo Games, publisher of the game, presented a playable demo during the event, where players can get to experience a small part of the game for themselves. A player sat down and experienced the game for its PlayStation 4 version and shared what can be considered the newest gameplay footage available.

Taiwanese gamer on YouTube Bahamut Games Crazy went to the Taipei Game Show 2016 and visited the Koei Tecmo Games booth. A playable demo of “Attack on Titan” was available, and he tested it. The demo had him play as series main protagonist Eren Yeager in a short mission to kill basic small and a few big Titans.

Before the mission, a short cut scene was shown featuring the characters that will be coming with Eren in the short mission. Smaller Titans to medium-sized ones can be defeated just by Eren himself. Also, it is worth noting that while it may be true in most casesespecially small Titansa Titan can be defeated by simply locking on and hitting it on the weak spot on the nape, injuring it repeatedly before dealing the final blow would award higher scores and sometimes even cause defeated Titans to drop items that can be used in the game.

Bigger Titans, in the latter part of the playable demo, required Eren to team up with a number of his teammates in order to take the enemy down. The demo also showed how the 3D Maneuver Gear can stick to basically anything that can be seen in the game.

“Attack on Titan” is developed by Omega Force. It will be released in Japan on Feb. 18 for the PS Vita, PS3, and the PS4. An English release will come sometime this year.