'Attack on Titan' game news: Koei Tecmo announces online multiplayer, DLC schedule


Almost a week before the game gets launched initially in Japan, Koei Tecmo Games announced a major free update coming in for their newest and upcoming JRPG game “Attack on Titan,” which will introduce an online multiplayer co-op mode for the game. The update will come in March and is set to add some new items to the game.

According to a report by Gematsu, Koei Tecmo Games announced that the major patch update will add online multiplayer co-op game mode for the game. The multiplayer mode can have up to four players team up and complete a certain mission. Up until now, the game was only available as an offline single-player mode. The new online multiplayer co-op will be available for both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 3, as well as for the PlayStation Vita.

The upcoming major patch will also include more than 10 new items to the game, which includes Titan models that the player can decorate the surroundings of the camp area with.

Additonally, Koei Tecmo Games also revealed the complete line up of upcoming DLCs from February to March. All upcoming DCLs will come as paid additional contents, though it was not yet confirmed how much each DLC will cost.

For this month, Feb. 18the same day the game gets released in Japanwill be the release date for the “New Year” costumes and weapons. Feb. 25, meanwhile, will see “Festival” costumes, a new story mode episode “Wings Requirements” and two other additional episodes.

March 3 will see the addition of “Halloween” costumes and weapons and three new episodes which includes “Iron Wall.” The March 10 DLC will have “Christmas” costumes and weapons and three new episodes including “Survival Competition.” Finally, March 17 will see the release of 16 new costumes, four new weapons, and nine additional episodes.