'Attack on Titan' game news: First look at PS Vita version released


Koei Tecmo Games’ much awaited upcoming game “Attack on Titan,” based on the hit anime and manga franchise, was recently showcased at the Taipei Game Show 2016. Aside from displaying a playable demo version for the PlayStation 4, the game publisher also had a playable demo for the PlayStation Vita.

Just recently, YouTube user Gameapps.HK was able to get ahold of the game’s demo version for the PS Vita, and it gave a first look at how the game would look like compared to the PS4 version. The game’s gameplay flow was basically the same as that of the previously showcased PS4 version, with only a few differences on how players can approach and attack various Titans.

As usual, every battle in the game started with a short cut scene featuring various characters. The demo had the main protagonist Eren Yeager as the playable character. Following the cut scene, the player roamed the area in search for the Titans using their 3D Maneuver Gear.

When a Titan was spotted, the player locked on certain parts of the enemy Titan. The PS4 version of the game showed various lock on points in the form of a circle on the hit point, with a seconds timer for players to deliver a precise blow. The PS Vita version, meanwhile, showed a different lock on design, and it was unclear if it had the same distance calculator as that of the PS4 version.

The attack mechanics remained the same. While the weakness of the Titans are still on their nape area, the player dealtr damage to other body parts for a higher score and the chance to get an item drop when the Titan was beaten.

For several times, the player in the demo was caught by a Titan, but it appeared that he ahd the means to escape a Titan’s grasp.

“Attack on Titan” will be released in Japan on Feb. 18.