'Attack on Titan' game news: Eren's Lawson uniform, Armin 'Junior High' costumes shown in gameplay


A new special set of costumes for the upcoming JRPG “Attack on Titan” was recently shown in full action, as game publisher Koei Tecmo Games teased the special Lawson employee costume for main protagonist Eren Yeager as well as the “Attack on Titan: Junior High” anime spinoff costume for Armin Artlet.

In a new gameplay video released by game publisher Koei Tecmo Games, two new special costumes were shown for the first time. First off is the Lawson employee costume for main character Eren Yeager. The Lawson costume reimagines the character as an employee in the convenience store chain. However, he won’t just be tending to customers’ purchases, as Eren would still spring into action killing off Titans along the way while wearing the uniform as his costume. The Eren Yeager Lawson employee costume will be given out to players as a free DLC when purchasing the game on Loppi HMV.

On the other hand, the “Attack on Titan: Junior High” anime spinoff costume for Armin Artlet was also showcased in the new gameplay video, which will have the character sport a fun-looking and colorful hoodie while fighting ferocious Titans. The “Attack on Titan: Junior High” Armin Artlet costume would be given as a free special DLC costume for players who will be purchasing the “Attack on Titan: Treasure Box Edition.”

Aside from the special DLC costume, the “Attack on Titan: Treasure Box Edition” will include the full game upon its release, the “Official Scouting Report” art book, a copy of the game’s official soundtrack, a muffler towel, and a set of six tin badges with two designs each for Eren, Mikasa, and Levi.

“Attack on Titan” will be released on Feb. 18 in Japan for the PS4, PS3, and the PS Vita handheld. It will have an English release sometime around this year.